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Parent Coordination

When Help is What You Need. . . .NOW!

A Parenting Coordinator ("PC") is a neutral third party who helps separated or divorced high conflict parents resolve child-related disagreements outside of court. In the short run, the purpose of getting a PC involved in such cases is to avoid multiple court appearances. In the long run, the hope is that the PC can help reduce the parental conflict which surrounds their decision making. While the PC's clients are the parents, the overarching responsibility of the PC is to make sure that child related decisions serve the best interests of the children. Ultimately, by structuring and/or modeling productive decision making for the parents, the PC helps the parents establish a protocol for problem solving. Call us today for more information on Parent Coordination.

Family Mediation

A Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator

Divorce cases are often extremely emotional, and a strong, skilled mediator may help the parties work through their issues and come to an agreement without the need of court intervention.

Family mediation can be a cost-effective solution to your family law dispute, because the parties are offered a chance to resolve their differences without future court hearings and trial preparation. Mediation from a Florida Supreme Court Mediator gives the parties an opportunity to voluntarily and confidentially resolve their differences, so that they can reduce the emotional and financial strain that family law matters often create.

EAP Wellness Solutions

Wellness at Work, Wellness at Home

Gee Resolutions' Employee Assistance (EAP) Wellness Solutions helps organizations enhance employee health, increase employee engagement and improve productivity. Providing Wellness Solutions services demonstrates interest in your employees’ well-being and work-life balance, while empowering employees to become healthier and more effective.

Wellness Solutions EAP provides vital EAP and Work-Life support to assist with your employees’ personal and professional challenges, so they can be more present and productive at work. Our programs help employers: • Improve employee productivity • Reduce absenteeism • Increase retention and morale. EAP may be a part of most insurance plans. To learn more about how Wellness Solutions can help your employees and your business thrive give us a call (321) 631-8569.